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Crown West Realty LLC Testimonial

To whom it may concern,
Our company, Crown West Realty LLC, owns and operates the largest industrial park in the Northwest with over five million square feet of buildings situated on more than one square mile of land. Included in this portfolio is over ten miles of privately owned sewer lines. The majority of these lines were installed in the 1940’s and many of them are made of clay. In some areas, these lines are in excess of 18 feet deep.
Due to slow sewer flows and multiple jams, we hired AAA Sweeping to video camera and survey our system. We discovered several areas where the lines were cracked, broken, or had caved in. I asked our maintenance team to explore options for repairing the breaks. All of the options were not only expensive but would have required street demo, excavation, and then repair and repaving. In addition to the cost and complexity, this would have been a major disruption to our more than 160 tenants.
While evaluation all of the options, AAA sweeping advised us that they had instituted the trenchless point repair system. They showed our Property manager and Maintenance Manger a video of the process, which takes approximately five hours per repair. Our team recommended that we try this new repair procedure. We were please and impressed with our trial repair and subsequently we engaged AAA Sweeping to make multiple repairs. We are very pleased with the quality, convenience, and price. We have several more repairs budgeted for next year.
I can personally recommend AAA Sweeping for this innovative sewer line repair procedure. As a side note, unless there was a major line-failure, I could see no reason why anyone would choose a “traditional” repair process over the trenchless point repair system.



Rob B. Gragg, CPM
Vice President & Asset Manager

Crown West Realty L.L.C.
3808 N. Sullivan Road Bldg N-15 Suite 202
Spokane Valley, WA 99216


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