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Street Sweeping Services - Washington and Idaho

Mechanical Street Sweepers

These are heavy duty, chassis-mounted broom sweepers with a large capacity hopper. Some are equipped with a high lift system, capable of dumping into large dump trucks. The sweeping system features a main broom, a squeegee-type elevator system, and forward-facing digger-type gutter brooms. A large capacity watering and dust suppression system handles the heavy debris and industrial cleanup. The mechanical street sweeper is ideal for sweeping behind an asphalt grinder or heavy debris.

Air Regenerative Vacuum Sweepers

Vacuum sweepers are a heavy-duty, chassis-mounted, regenerative air system that generates a high velocity air column, which is propelled into the top of the sweeping head through a blast tube. The air is first pressurized in the upper chamber of the sweeping head, then expelled into the head’s lower chamber through what is called a “blast orifice”. This high volume air blast loosens the debris from the pavement surface, then transports it across the width of the sweeping head. This is a highly efficient system which ensures that even hard-to-reach particles hidden within pavement cracks and irregularities are removed.


  • Why choose AAA Sweeping for your Street Sweeping job?

    We have the largest sweeping truck fleet in the Inland Northwest and have been servicing our customers for 40 years. We have a tremendous amount of experience in both large and small scale projects for city and private streets. Our crew is knowledgeable, fast and efficient.

  • Are Service Contracts An Option?

    Please contact us today for information on our street sweeping contract options.

  • How will I be charged?

    Please contact us for a quote on your specific project needs.

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