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Servicing Drywells and Catch Basins

Servicing Drywells and Catch Basins

Now is the time to service your storm structures! Heavy rain, snow melt, leaves and debris can cause flooding. After a harsh Fall and Winter you’ll want to have your drywells inspected for damage and cleaned to keep them draining properly and prevent any harm to the environment or your property.


First, we need to take a sample to run analytics and evaluate the status of your drywells. Analytical testing is specifically looking for levels of Cadmium, Chromium and Lead all of which could potentially be harmful to environment. A sample is taken and submitted to Test America and once results are completed they are submitted to Waste Management for a permit. This process takes approximately 7 to 10 working days to complete.

The initial inspection of the storm structure will determine the estimated cost and amount of cleaning necessary depending on the debris build up. Next, we schedule the cleaning of your drywells and catch basins. The majority of drywells require one to one and a half hours to clean. Our experienced team performs the maintenance work with specialized machinery including hydrovac trucks that use pressurized water to clean the storm structures and vacuum systems to remove debris and haul it away. Any attached storm drain pipes are cleaned using a jet rod attached to the hydrovac truck.

The drywell is then inspected for damage. Drywells are commonly damaged by root penetration or structure compromise near the end of their lifespan. Sometimes repairs are necessary for the internal piping, concrete, or grate covers. Strom drainage systems don’t last forever, but properly maintaining them will increase their lifespan and functionality for your business or property.

hydrovactor truck and trailer

Hydrovactor truck and trailer for sewer and storm structure cleaning


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