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Working For The Public

The importance of street sweeping is easily swept under the attention of the average person. Yet without regular attention professional execution of street sweeping, risk of hazard increases and problems could compound. Regular street and parking lot maintenance keeps debris and trash from building up and clogging drainage systems. It also keeps debris to a minimum and prevents blockage on roadways and walkways. In removing such unwanted materials, it also helps to keep bacteria and potentially harmful substances to a minimum, and from reaching direct contact with civilians.

Street Sweepers Working For The People

Street Sweepers normally practice their work early in the morning, or when most people are not out and about, in order to work fast and efficiently to pick up the materials littered about, and safely dispose of them in a contained location where it is out of the public view. They must complete intense training to qualify for the operation of heavy equipment and industrial vehicles. Special care and attention to their equipment is a must to avoid any mechanical defects, injury or damage. A street sweeping professional has a strict daily routine and time frame for work completion as well as a detailed reporting system to complete. Not only do they clear streets, courtyards and freeway underpasses/overpasses along their assigned routes, they also identify and report any hazards that may exist along the public right-of-way. Street sweeping not only requires manual labor but operating equipment skillfully and practicing diligence to the public safety.

Most people are unaware of the impact and reliance that a city has on street sweepers, but most all cities pay a portion of their attention to the quality service that the men and women street sweepers do. Not all heroes wear capes; some just wear a simple orange vest and take pride in keeping our streets safe and clean of scum.


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